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Our Story

To start we would like to Thank you for visiting our page it is because of you we have the passion and love for culinary arts. We have always had the dream of owning our own restaurant right here in the heart of Tennessee, The Smoky Mountains. Our idea was to bring you an authentic Mexican Cuisine like no other. We Blend the freshest ingredients and turn them into some of your favorite Mexican dishes cooked fresh daily. In 2015 we Opened our first location better known as "POLLO LOCO" Located in Sevierville, TN. Instantly the love for our homemade Mexican Cuisine was made clear with the support of our customers or as we like to call it, Our Familia better known as Our Family. We later Opened our second location "EL RANCHERO LOCO" in Pigeon Forge TN. on Jan 4th 2017. With our Familia growing and more frequent visits we relocated "POLLO LOCO" to a bigger location in Sevierville TN.  Now we offer cold Beers at both locations.  Our locations offer the same quality and hospitality; for us you come first! Our menu choices are cooked daily fresh to order with only the most invigorating, authentic ingredients found in authentic Mexican dishes. The secret to our success is seeing customers happy not only with the food but with the service as well. We hope your visit to our Restaurants makes you feel at home and relaxed. "Mi casa es tu casa"  translated "My Home is your Home". We invite you to be apart of our familia and to enjoy homemade style dishes! Make your next stop at one of our Restaurants to enjoy real, Authentic Mexican Cuisine! Once again Thank you! Hope to see you soon at "EL RANCHERO LOCO" or "POLLO LOCO"

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Est. 2015​
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